Protect and defend

Implementing a comprehensive security system is essential to ensure the resilience and sustainability of an organization, individuals, and assets in the face of threats. This involves responding to ongoing attacks using techniques, systems, and action and defense protocols.


Security trainer - close protection expert
My role as a trainer allows me to perform hands-on pedagogical work and provide close support. I enjoy imparting my expertise, my adaptability, and my decision-making skills to consolidate and strengthen the operational skills of individuals.


Letter from the President of the Republic

"Avec un engagement qui force le respect et une rigueur exemplaire, vous avez assuré la protection de quatre Présidents, dans ce rôle d'épaule".

Audit, Advice and

Essential to ensure the security and protection of an organization's data, systems, and infrastructure. It allows for assessing vulnerabilities and potential risks and offers personalized support for implementing effective security measures. Providing strategic recommendations to enhance a company's overall security posture. Protecting the confidentiality of information and ensuring business continuity.

– Assessing security techniques

– Monitoring the effectiveness of systems and agents

– Identifying vulnerabilities (threats and risks)

– Intrusion testing

Protecttion and securing
of individuals and property.

Fundamental priorities in many contexts, whether it be individual, residential, commercial, or public security. Protection involves implementing preventive measures to minimize risks. Securing encompasses actions aimed at strengthening physical infrastructures and security procedures to reduce vulnerabilities and respond effectively in case of an incident.

– Close protection

– Building or edifice protection

– Convoy or procession establishment

– Electronic security operations (dusting)


Essential process to raise awareness among individuals about potential risks and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent security incidents. Strengthening the security culture within an organization and helping to reduce risks related to human errors and cyber attacks. Training:

– Protective agent

– Personnel control

– Vehicle control

– Professional shooting

– Self-defense


Accompanying individuals or teams in achieving their goals in terms of physical and mental performance. Maximizing individuals' potential to excel in their sport, whether for recreational or competitive purposes. Providing psychological support to enhance motivation and confidence.

- Shooting Sports (Discovery and Improvement)

- Krav Maga (World Champion)

- Mental Preparation

- Personalized Sports

– Team building


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